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    AMF-message New type of object "Externalized object" this.readByte() == 168 What type of object ???


      Good day!



      Sorry for my bad english. I'm web developer and implementing work with AMF-message on client side (via javascript) Base JS library - https://github.com/jamesward/JSAMF/blob/master/web/web/amf.js Now i have expanded part of it and i have a problem with a new AMF-object "Externalized object" Screen for example: https://i.stack.imgur.com/m3pXd.png Paralelly i'm learning a documentation about format AMF3 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Action_Message_Format In wikipedia we can see var marker = this.readByte(); His value between [0x00 .. 0x11]   Unknown format "Externalized object" has value 168 Nothing in documentation about it. Please help me.. How right read/write this object? Please source in flash, java or will send links for it


      Ideally source on javascript. But i understand it's fantastic. Need to make himself


      By the code:

      1) this.readByte() => received value "168" //type of element

      2) this.readUInt29() => received value "1" //value of element

      3) this.readStringAMF3() => received value "undefined"


      next I'm reading correctly inside objects and next I have a lot of problems..


      Maximum that i can received - part of values of object values and i can not to correctly read. I think it's compressed data.


      Can you help me?


      How does right saves "Externalized object" in the bytes? If it's to compress - how I would to do to compress correctly?