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    Flex 3 Charts - dataTipMode

    uptown01211 Level 1
      I'm creating a Flex LineChart with multiple series of stock data being displayed. I'd like to show the prices of each stock using the dataTips for each series as the user pans their mouse across the chart.

      I've set dataTipMode to "multiple", and increased the mouseSensitivity value so that it detects hits with each series. The problem with this is that it doesn't always display the dataTips for the same day on each series.

      I do understand why this is happening. The hit detection uses a straight-line to find the closest chart point and draws that dataTip ... so if there's a peak or valley in the other charts a day or two before or after the day I've actually focused on, that point will be closer and it'll draw that value instead. Is there any way to constrain how the multiple dataTip hit detection works? In this case, I'd need to constrain it to just detect the closest hit along a vertical line from the mouse.

      I suppose the only other solution is to manually manage what dataTips are enabled or disabled.