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    Lightroom/justify text edit is leading to an export book to PDF format nightmare


      Have never had issues exporting my book to PDF form, before this past weekend and the latest update to Lightroom Classic CC.  Currently wrapping up my project and wanted to have all the book text "justified", rather than aligned to the left.  For whatever reason, justifying the text has turned into a export-to-PDF nightmare.  Has anyone dealt with this issue?  After looking over my project, the 1st Adobe tech couldn't find anything wrong.  There are no flags or warnings, detailing if any of the text has spilled over into the padding area or out of the parameters.  He had no suggestions.


      I do feel that choosing in the preferences the option 'text to fit' rather than 'text to fill', helps.  Also noticed that when I justify the text, there is the possibility of space at the end of a sentence, for instance, that spills into the padded parameter.  Did my best to delete this, thinking that maybe this was contributing to the difficulty.  The 2nd Adobe tech helped me download the past version of LRC CC.  Was able to justify the text for the first 40 pages, with little difficulty exporting.  Decided to wrap up the rest of the project with the hope that it will all work.  Started the exporting to PDF last night, thinking at most, a few hours.  Nine hours later (overnight) still humming and my iMac on fire.  With 4/5ths of the project converted, Lightroom Classic CC — The desktop-focused app ! just stopped responding and that was that.


      If anyone has any suggestions or insight with this situation, would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks!