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    Issue using ON1 Photo as external editor from Lightroom 5


      Salutations- I have been using ON1 Photo 10 as an external editor from Lightroom 5 (on my Windows 10 desktop) for years. Recently I have been having the following issue: I  open a photo in Lightroom, select edit in ON1 and make my edits, I then apply the edits in ON1- but when I transition back to Lightroom the edits and the generated psd. file are nowhere to be found (i.e. I only have the file as it was before exporting to the external editor). I have been using this workflow for years without issue, but am no longer able to execute it. I have updated Lightroom, uninstalled and reinstalled ON1 (and updated), but the problem persists and I cannot find an adequate solution on the web. Would greatly appreciate any potential solutions. Thanks.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          A common reason for "lost files" coming back from an external editor is the Grid Window sort mode has defaulted or been set to [Capture Time]. This places the new file at the very end of the thumbnails in the Library Grid (and that could be at the bottom of "All Photographs")

          Check your Sort setting is one suggestion. [Filename] works best.

          Can you find the xxx.psd files if you search with the OS (File Explorer) using the original file name.psd?