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    sending mail messages

      We send out a newsletter 3x per week to 20,000+ members of the association. CFMAIL tag is used to insert personal info for the member in the newsletter and messages are correctly written to spool folder.

      We have noticed timeouts occurring in other applications while the messages are being sent out.

      Currently number of mail threads is set to 10. We are also logging each message sent as occasionally we need to verify if the mail was sent to the email we have on record.

      Has anyone experienced system performance problems when sending thousands of emails?

      We also notice all log files are written to logs folder and runtime folder. Is there a way to only log to 1 of these folders?

      Thanks for your help.

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          SafariTECH Level 1
          are you refering to page timeouts because the "pipe is clogged"?

          or are you refering to the fact that the CF server resources are maxed out and there are no resources available to run any other applications during that time?

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            AAOS Level 1
            The CF server resources are maxed out. No other CF applications can run unles the CF server is restarted.

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              SafariTECH Level 1
              There is a lot of processing going on, not to mention drive activity and memory allocations. If you don't have a big system then sending large quantities of email via CFMAIL will have an effect until it is done.

              We had a similar issue years ago (we run 32,000+ mailers daily) and decided it was just simpler to build a second small server to just run the mailers each day so it did not affect the primary server. Unless you want to build a honking massive powerhouse, that is likely the answer that will best suit you too.