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    Help with write on text with curser using an expression

    cmscss Level 1

      Hi There,


      I have text writing on with a cursor using this TUT: AE Tut'z - How to Create a Type-Text Effect with a Blinking Cursor - YouTube


      L = text.sourceText.length;
      T = time*effect("Speed")("Slider") -effect("Start At")("Slider")* effect("Speed")("Slider");
      F = Math.round(time % 1);
      if(F == 1 | (T<L & T>0)){Fl = "▇";}else{Fl=" ";}
      substr(0,T) + Fl






      How would I double the speed of the cursor blink?

      Have tried 0.5 under time and the if statement (and tried 2) but then the cursor doesn't show at all.



      How can I make the cursor start on, then blink?

      Currently it starts off but it should be on to start. I tried swapping the cursor "▇"in the if/else statement but then the cursor doesn't show while the text types on (as expected).



      Pretty green when it comes to this stuff so any help or pointers in the right direction would be juch appreciated.