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    1080p Slideshow export fails


      I'm trying to make LR6 1080p slideshows of trip photos/video collections taken over a number of years, progressively using Canon 40D, 60D and 7D Mk II cameras.  I've had no difficulty making 720p videos of all collections and have been able to generate 1080p slideshows of many of the same collections. However, some collections at 1080p simply hang, with the 'progress bar' sometimes not showing any progress at all.


      I've attempted to resolve the issue using the following steps, without success:

      • Exited and restarted LR6;
      • Highlighted/selected all photos/videos in the collection;
      • Moved all portrait photos to the end of the collection.  This worked a couple of times.
      • Removed all portrait photos from a collection.  This worked with a couple of collections but not with most of them.
      • Unclicked 'use graphics processor';
      • Deleted then recreated 1:1 Previews. This worked a couple of times only.
      • Converted RAW files in a collection to JPG and tried to export, without success


      There doesn't appear to be a consistent correlation between export failure and camera type, e.g. some collections shot with the 60D export at 1080p without difficulty, but others don't.  That said, no collection shot with the 7D Mk II gave a problem at 1080p.


      Any suggestions on how to overcome this issue?  Thanks.