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    (Color Management) Colors change in every program?

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      Dear Forum,


      My Hardware:

      Computer: Windows 10 (with newest updates), i7-6700K, AMD Radeon R9 390

      monitor: Eizo CS270

      calibration device: datacolor Spyder5Pro

      calibration software: Color Navigator 6 (newest Version from eizo)


      My Problem
      For example I edit a photo in Adobe Lightroom classic CC (newest Version) and make the colors look perfect for my taste and afterwards I export the image for uploading it to a website (I export with sRGB profile). After when i open the picture for example in Windows 10 App "photos" the before orange looking picture gets extremely red.. if i upload it to instagram on my phone the picture looks also more saturated and red than before in lightroom (where it was more unsaturated and more orange) .. if i upload it to my website the picture seems to look like in lightroom in google Chrome browser.. in EDGE or Internet Explorer or Firefox (all the newest versions) it looks like grap ... extrem saturated and red ... now I'm totally confused and not sure how the picture really looks like.. Isn't it possible to have the same colors at least on my computer in each program? 


      Some example pictures (its the same problem with every picture and also with some more applications.. for example also on my phone specially in instagram where i want to share my pictures the picture looks damn saturated and red again...):




      What could I do to get similar colors in every program that i know what I'm editing or what the viewer of my website will see at the end?!

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          Colour management works: you can expect the same colours IN EVERY COLOUR MANAGED APP, with careful use of settings. So Photoshop and Lightroom are colour managed. The others apps are not: the result will be random.


          You have purchased a wide gamut monitor. You need to know that these are a specialist tool, made for particular narrow purposes, and you must use ONLY colour managed software (or accept wild colour variation). Don't use any of those apps you mention that are bad. If you need to use these apps get another monitor.


          We all thought 15 years ago that all apps would be colour managed by now so it would just work. Unfortunately we are going backwards, not forward. The Windows 10 Photos app is NOT colour managed, even though the Windows 8 Photos app WAS.

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            NB, colourmanagement Adobe Community Professional



            I believe that your issue is due to the way that non color managed application programs interface with high gamut monitor screens.


            Some application developers still have not implemented color management (so the application has no way of adapting the data it send to your screen to provide correct appearance, it seems the W10 image viewer and IE are the ones affecting you adversely.)


            It's already been suggested that you stop using the applications that cause you problems but that may not be an answer that you are willing to implement.


            If you don't mind ceasing to use those applications when accuracy of appearance is important, great, but if not why not try this and see if you can work that way*:

            I presume you are using Eizo's own Color navigator calibration software?


            In your Color navigator calibration software, let's see how you are working right now -

            check the first screen that comes up and make a list or screenshot of your current settings for:


            Black Level,

            White Point,



            if you are happy with the accuracy of your screen in a color managed application these do not need to be altered.


            Now go to "create new target", select enter manually, then in the next screen "monitor gamut" select sRGB

            this step reduces the gamut of the screen and will stop the oversaturation you're seeing in non color savvy applications.


            Set brightness, white point & black level then the tone curve as per your notes

            I suggest setting Priority to "standard"

            save the setting with an informative name then run a calibration.

            That should largely solve the issues you are seeing



            *theres a "catch", you are reducing the gamut of your expensive screen to that of sRGB. It's not a ridiculous thing to do but you do need to bear that in mind.



            I hope this helps

            if so, please do mark my reply as "helpful" and if you're OK now, please mark it as "correct" below, so others who have similar issues can see the solution


            neil barstow, colourmanagement

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              Thank you very much for your answer! This was helpful aswell for me because now I have the safety to know that lightroom and Photoshop show the right colors

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                NB, colourmanagement Adobe Community Professional



                a really good way to properly check display appearance is using something like this


                Once you have a certified proof to hand you can rely on it for correct appearance and  possibly adjust brightness and white target for calibration.

                I seldom find a user who is 100% happy with the “standard” presets if display calibration software.

                Nearly every time a reference based adjustment of calibration targets results in an improved match to print. 


                neil barstow