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    Green hashes overlying topics

    yenelli Level 1
      Import of Word 2007 doc to RH HTML,
      Heading 2s imported as Heading 1s and alltopics show up in Project Manager with green hash marks ("green lines," according to RoboHelp Help, which means all 160 topics are links to popups.

      Why did this happen?

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          I'm not sure if this might be what is happening in regard to your hashmarks,but that can also be a sign of conditional tagging. The way you can see if a topic is conditionally tagged is by looking at topic properties and selecting the Advanced tab. On the left there is a Topic-level Tags area. If there are tags in the project they will appear. What tags your topic has are marked with a check. I'm totally guessing but maybe the Word document had some type of indicator of conditionality before it was imported. Just something to check.