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    Pop Buzz Words

    BigJonV Level 1

      Ladies and Gentlemen,


      I am trying to use a text animation preset- 'Pop Buzz Words'. Not to be confused with the expression preset 'Buzz words'.


      The preset automatically inserts the text "Pop buzz words every fifteen frames"


      I am having difficulty changing the text and keep the desired result. When I change the text, it will jump back to the previous word- something having to do with the keyframes.  Any suggestions or tips?


      Any advice or assistance is appreciated in advance.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          It's not really clear what you are having issues with. The preset is a simple series of source text keyframes, so maybe you should start by revelaing them to actualyl make sure you are parked on the right spots when changing your text? Everything beyond that will require more information. It could well be that due to issues with input devices, language settings or font issues you're always being kicked out of text edit mode prematurely, but without critical info like version of AE, system info etc. it's impossible to say anything.



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            BigJonV Level 1



            Thanks for your reply.  I am running AE CC, Version 15.1.1 Build 12 on an iMac.


            When I go to change the text from the default "Pop Buzz Words Every Fifteen Frames"- I right click on the keyframe and choose edit value.


            I change the text to my desired text in the comp window with my desired size, font and color. I repeat this process for all of the keyframes.


            The first word changes fine, and displays for the fifteen frames. Then the second word will flash for one frame- and one frame only, before the second word returns. So, in this example, "buzz" shows for 14 frames. Then on frame 30, the replacement word appears for one frame only, and the third word appears for the next 14 frames. Rinse and repeat.


            I appreciate your feedback, and I hope that this may make more sense.



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              Roland Kahlenberg Adobe Community Professional

              You need to zoom into the Timeline, to ensure you the Timeline Indicator is correctly parked on an existing keyframe before you make a change to the SourceText property. You may also delete all keyframes except the first keyframe and make changes to the SourceText property, to create your own keyframes, which will be created as and when you make a change to said property.


              The issue is that the keyframes created via the Animation Preset are not sitting perfectly at a specific frame but rather in-between two frames. The cause, I believe, is the Animation Preset was created in a timeline with a different frame rate to that of your timeline.

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                BigJonV Level 1



                Thanks for the insight.  I went ahead and deleted some of the keyframes and replaced them with new ones with my desired text. Working fine now.  Appreciate the help.