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    Bootstrap components

    glenp86863873 Level 1

      Hi Guys

      Just looking for some help I had been happily using Adobe Muse until they announced that it will be discontinued So I thought now is the time to get in to code. I have found Bootstrap really useful as a bridge between Muse and DW.

      My question is, is there a way to add more pre-styled bootstrap components to the components panel in Dreamweaver? for example I have also been using Bootstrap Studio which has pre-styled footer's, parallax scrolling images, and numerous nav bars.

      I really want to keep using DW as I love the way it works but if i can add the extra components it would be amazing.


      Thanks in advance

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          osgood_ Level 8

          Can't you just add the Bootstrap components you require to your snippets collection, thats all the component are in DW. Infact Im confused as to why there are Bootstrap components and Bootstrap snippets in DW, they are effectively more or less the same.

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            Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I'm with Osgood on this. 


            I use my custom snippets folder a lot for carousels, forms, etc....   In fact DW, comes with many of these already in your Snippets under Bootstrap.  So you can just keep adding to the list. 


            Inserting snippets is done with a double-click on desired snippet   Or you can create Ctrl+ or Cmnd+ Trigger keys.

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