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    Sightly List in 2 column table format

    anj8488 Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am using sightly for my list element, I came up with a requirement to generate my html mokeup like,



                      <td> <input type="checkbox"/> <span> name1 </span> </td>

                      <td> <input type="checkbox"/> <span> name2  </span> </td>



                      <td> <input type="checkbox"/> <span> name3 </span> </td>

                      <td> <input type="checkbox"/> <span> name4  </span> </td>



                      <td> <input type="checkbox"/> <span> name5 </span> </td>

                      <td> <input type="checkbox"/> <span> name6 </span> </td>




      so instead iterate over <li> element, I need to show result in two column,

      Is there anyway  this can be done, or If i can use javascript Use API to generate this short of dynamic html content by passing my list object.