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    Plugin Blocked

    ezenk Level 1

      Every time I try to view content on one particular website on chrome, no external content will load on the page and I keep getting a "plugin blocked" notification that tells me "flash was blocked on this page" even though I have it set to allow flash to run on that website. Then when I try to click the "run flash this time" link, nothing happens. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling flash twice, restarting chrome, restarting my computer to see if that helps but nothing is working.


      Flash works on every other website though, but not this one in particular. What should I do now?

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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          Please provide the following information:


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            ezenk Level 1

            1. Windows 10 version 1709

            2. Chrome version 66.0.3359.181

            3. fp 29 for opera and chromium-ppapi

            4. Link to page (in the op I can't see whatever is being displayed)

            5. Capture 1.PNG

                   Capture 2.png

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              maria__ Adobe Employee

              Using Chrome's default Flash Player settings (always ask), I'm not being prompted to enable Flash on the page, nor is it displaying a 'blocked' message.  It's not clear to me where on the page the flash content is. Right-clicking on various videos does not display the Flash Player context menu, indicating the video's are not Flash.  Where, exactly, on the page is the Flash content?

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                ezenk Level 1

                I'm assuming the Flash content is supposed to be here

                Screenshot (6)_LI.jpg

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                  jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                  Chrome blocks a *lot* of stuff for various reasons.


                  Given that it's a forum and that's a user post, you probably don't really want users to be able to embed random executable content from anywhere on the web.  (see Watering hole attack - Wikipedia for background)


                  The browsers have definitely taken steps to make it easier for content providers to block this kind of thing, and the browsers step in to handle cases where content providers that aren't security conscious most commonly make mistakes.  There's a good chance that the browser is refusing to load it for other reasons, but it also happens to be Flash, so it's getting double or triple blocked.


                  I'd have to actually look at the page to tell you authoritatively.  You can probably poke around in the developer tools and find an answer if you're inclined.  The console or the security tab are likely spots.

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                    ezenk Level 1

                    I looked around and that seems to be what's going on. I'm not sure how to fix it, but it's obvious now that it's not an issue with Flash. Thank you.


                    Edit: I looked around and it was my ad blocker that was doing this. Thank you anyway for the help even though it ended up not being related to Flash