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    Re: May "Update"?


      For me, I have a major issue when organizing a large number of images which has been going on for years and seems to be getting worse. For starters, I'm on PC and I have top of the line hardware and this issue has occurred on at least two different machines. When I'm preparing a large number of images for print, I'll create virtual copies and organize the files by the client's last name so I can print in alphabetical order vs numerical. When doing this, the collection will stop cooperating with my drag and drop in custom order. It will even spaz out and the images will jump around the collection. I have to select all of the images and create a new collection which seems to fix the problem, if even for just a moment. For my current project I've created 15 collections just to try to get 1,000 images in the correct order for printing..... oh and sometimes Lightroom will get stuck when trying to print. It'll say "Preparing to print" and just sit there without progress.