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    Redaction in PDF Portfolio

    richardl69755307 Level 1

      I have a PDF portfolio with attachments in each document. I want to redact information listed in the documents itself - not the attachments. After I mark the document and apply the redactions, the only option I check off in my results tab is "Deleted or cropped content." If I check off any of the other options (i.e. Metadata, File attachments, etc.) I lose the ability to open up the attachments in each document.


      Is this the correct way to apply redactions in this scenario?


      Additional info:


      The PDF portfolio was created from a batch of Outlook emails, with each email containing file attachments. The information I am trying to redact is mainly phone numbers and personal email addresses. We want to share the batch of emails keeping intact the attachments, but removing the personal information included in the body of the emails.


      Appreciate your help.