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    Clearvars() on SPA

    PratheepArunRaj Experience Cloud MVP

      Dear Members,


      We have implemented Adobe Reports  Analytics in our Website. Our website works on Single Page Application and thus we have used Hash Change (Method 2) to fire the Base Site Catalyst variables as in the link Marketing Cloud Help | How to  use DTM for Single Page Apps (SPA)?


      We are clearing the variables using clearvars(); before the every successful call and thus the base variables & implementation looks fine to us.


      My question starts here:


      I did search on my Home Page, lets say with keyword 'Credit Card'. It is captured and stored in eVar1 and against event 1. If i navigate to Credit Card Form Page to complete the lead (event 2), will the keyword 'Credit Card' get credit for event 2? I am asking this because i am clearing variables after every call.


      From Adobe's site i found that clearvars(); clears the following values from the instance object and not the persistence. Am i right?


      If that is the case, my implementation is perfect. If you say it will clear everything including persistence, then let me know how should i achieve it. I cannot use Direct Call and make the changes on my entire site.


      Thank You