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    'Normal' state not working for custom nav bar

    akolasch Level 1

      I'm creating a personal portfolio site. I want to have custom, hand-drawn-and-scanned type for the nav bar and the site title. I'm not using a menu widget; I placed my scanned type as vectors and set them as hyperlinks to my different pages. It seems to work fine. However, the state changes aren't totally working. My state changes are just opacity changes. For example, on normal and rollover, the opacity is set to 40% and 70% respectively, so that it goes from light gray to darker gray, to black (100%) when active. But for some reason, the 'normal' state isn't working. All three buttons are stuck in the active state (black) unless I roll over them. Is there a way to fix this? Do I need to just use a menu widget, and if so, how can I still use my scanned type for the buttons?


      I'm very very novice at Muse if it wasn't obvious. Any help/advice is appreciated.