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    Microsoft Word Merge to Adobe PDF




      Just a question.


      I am currently using the free trial version of Acrobat Pro DC


      When i am doing a Mail Merge in Word, I have the option to Merge to Adobe PDF. From there in the Email options, i can tick the box to Automatically send Adobe PDF files by Email.


      I understand that i am able to send out email with PDF attachments to each unique recipient.


      Is there a way that i am able to have the same email with PDF attachments sent to multiple recipients?


      To give some context, say we are currently sending PDF invoices to different companies with a certain rate. Say i have a rate of 0.2 and that applies to multiple companies (email addresses), is there a way to do this in Acrobat PDFMaker - Mail Merge?


      I am selecting my recipient from a SQL Server Table and the only way i can think of doing the above is that i have multiple row of the same rate but with different email addresses.