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    Exclude header component from caching

    Shallu Rohilla Level 1


      I am trying to use SDI to exclude header from getting cached as it is the common header component used across all the pages. The header is dragged dropped on root page in iparsys and same is inherited by all the child pages.

      The issue I am facing is, if I change any page property like - page title or page icon and publish that particular page. The changed header shows up only on that page and not on other child and parent pages. To resolve this issue I decide to use SDI.

      But I am thinking as to is it the optimal approach because in the header there are 3 levels of pages visible along with their icons, so every time page is rendered header processing happens which may impact performance.

      Is there any other way I can implement this - may be by creating a json and building header in js via JSON and flushing json every time any page is activating.


      Please give  suggestions as to which is an optimal solution and any other approach I can take?


      Also just to add I use both dispatcher and CDN for caching.