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    Need to render to see effects applied

    andrem14776992 Level 1

      Hi there,


      Something happened from one day to the other to my Premiere, without me changing any settings: when I apply an effect - like changing the exposure or contrast with Lumetri, or adding Gaussian Blur - I cannot see how that affects the clip simultaneously. The yellow render line appears and I have to render before checking out what the footage looks like with the respective effects. It's really weird and annoying: in case I apply Lumetri, render the footage and it looks graded, if I change any of the Lumetri settings, the footage looks again as the original ungraded file - and I have to render again to show the updated effect applied. Pretty much this makes it virtually impossible to do color grading on Premiere since I have to render to see any change I do.

      I know how with the yellow render line playback is not perfect, but you normally can play it somehow ok with new effects applied to it.

      Again, this has never been like that before and I haven't changed any of the project settings. I've been working on the same project and from one day to the other this started happening.

      I contacted Adobe's customer support, they cleaned my cache files, changed settings here and there, but the problem persists It's really frustrating.


      Any advice is welcomed!