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    Dynamic Form ---- How to define <mx:model> or Param/value

      I have created a dynamic Form reading input type from external .xml file. Does anyone have advice concerning sending the form data to an external .jsp or .php file without knowing what your <mx:Model> will be? Whenever I try to write:


      I receive this error: 1120:Access of undefined property event. I am sure this is because the form elements are created using actionscript and not within mxml.

      I also tried sending it within actionscript using the send.data(param) like this, same error:

      var service:HTTPService = new HTTPService();
      //service.contentType = 'application/xml'
      service.resultFormat = 'e4x';
      //service.destination = 'DefaultHTTP';
      service.url = 'URL removed';
      service.method = "POST";
      var o:Object = new Object();
      o.q1 = event.q1;
      o.q2 = event.q2;

      Example of the Application with elements rendered

      If you would like to see the complete code: