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    Passing array as a property to a custom component

      I am trying to pass an array to a custom component like:
      <components:NewAccordion id="newAccord" width="100%" compData="{getHeads()}" />

      where getHeads() returns me an array of strings.

      Code for the component is like:
      public class NewAccordion extends UIComponent
      public function NewAccordion()

      public var _compData:Array;
      public function set compData(value:Array ) : void{
      _compData = value;

      public function get compData() : Array
      return _compData;

      override protected function commitProperties():void
      if(_compData == null)
      Alert.show("its null");

      Well notice the Alert in the setter method.. which is never called when i run the page.. I am not sure why... and i think in commitProperties() it is obvious that it is alerting null (as setter is not called)..

      any suggestions please...