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    "Midnight in Paris" yellow cast

    takavulla Level 1

      In the movie Midnight in Paris as well as To Rome with Love, Woody Allen uses a subtle yellow cast to his film.


      I wonder if that can be duplicated in a photo and how would you do it.



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          hatstead Adobe Community Professional

          Try this:


          1. Open the picture file
          2. Open a Hue/saturation adjustment layer above the background layer. In the dialog that comes up, check the "colorize" box. Slide the Hue slider to yellow, and work the Saturation & Lightness sliders.
          3. You can refine this further by adjusting the opacity of the Hue/saturation adjustment layer in the layer's palette
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            takavulla Level 1

            I followed the instructions but was not getting exactly what I wanted.  So instead of “colorizing” I oped the yellow channel and increased it.  .  Thus if i need to I can erase part of the colorizing on the grass, etc.


            Provides an interesting look.


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