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    Problems with one of the lessons

      I sent a private message but after I sent it I realized that didn't give you anyway to respond to me.

      First let me start by saying, I'm not a developer, I'm a Business Analyst but I'm trying to learn as much about as I can about FLEX.

      I'm working on the lesson about "Using Remote Object to Send Data to the Server". I when to the website in the instructions and looked for LCDS ES Express but I could not find it. I did some looking around and found out that the LCDS ES express is the same thing as the LCDS ES ( the one for 1 cpu) I down loaded it and installed it. It doesn't give me an option for JRun, the only choices I have are J2EE and Tomcat. I chose J2EE. Then I downloaded the server. The \jrun\server\default path did not exist in the lcds folder on C:, so I created it. Bottom line I cannot start the the server.

      I'm sure I have messed something (or several somethings) up, please help.
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          I had the same problem. The answer and link to what you need is provided in the topic entitled, "Week 3, Exercise 2 - JRun??"
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            The problem is the lesson was created with an older version... which at the time, it was the new version.

            Make sure when you install LCDS, choose the Tomcat option. This will install the server application. Follow these steps below. I wrote these instructions in another post but this hopefully help you and others who struggled with that specific chapter.

            If you're using the new version LiveCycle Data Services ES 2.6, you'll have to adjust a few things:

            When you install LCDS, click the Tomcat option and continue with the installation.

            Instead of unzipping to C:\lcds\jrun4\servers\default.. use this folder to unzip the server.zip file instead:


            Also, instead of using port 8700, the new version uses 8400.

            1. Start the Server: Programs > LiveCycle Data Services ES 2.6 > Start LiveCycle Data Services Server. Allow the server to start up.

            2. Point your browser to http://localhost:8400/ to test the start page.

            3. Your URL for this example will be http://localhost:8400/odt/

            Follow the PDF with the above modifications.

            If you need to edit your Flex Project to reflect the new lcds version:

            1. Right click on your Flex project > Properties

            2. Select Flex Builder Path from the left outliner. At the bottom, make sure your output folder points to C:\lcds\tomcat\webapps\odt\AdobeODT

            3. Select the Library Path Tab: Click the third branch (fds.swc) and then click the edit button. This should be the correct folder: C:/lcds/tomcat/webapps/odt/WEB-INF/flex/libs/fds.swc

            4. Click the fourth branch ({locale}) and then click the edit button. This should be the correct folder: C:/lcds/tomcat/webapps/odt/WEB-INF/flex/locale/{locale}

            5. Finally, click on the Flex Compiler item on the left outliner interface. Under Additional compiler arguments, correct the path in the -services switch which should appear similar to this:
            -services "C:\lcds\tomcat\webapps\odt\WEB-INF\flex\services-config.xml" -locale en_US.

            That should be it, make sure the server is running and compile your project and submit the form.


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              Thank you very much. Complete and correct. You are not a "Junior" member for me, you're a hero.
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                i'm sorry, i have the same problem, i follow these steps, but when pdf file says (step 41) "go to Reservation.mxml" it says "file not exists"( same with options.mxml, and all files, except AdobeODT.mxml, but you must create this file when you start the excercise)...

                i think that it is a configuration problem... when i am creating the new project ( after deleting current project), on the screen where you have to "validate configuration", it shows an alert message "bin-debug folder already exists, it will be overwritten"

                i hope you can help me

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                  ozDiGennaro Level 1
                  Right. I think that I remember that. The directions in "Flex in a week" for importing the zip files were incomplete.
                  I used WinRAR to unzip the project "starter" and then pointed the project path at the top of that directory tree. It took me a couple of tries to match the path to the tree.

                  That's the best of my memory.
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                    this seems to work for me, the only problem I still have after this is that when I run the application, the pictures for the rooms aren't visible anymore. is this something that should change with the changed versions? or have I done something wrong. I can't find a difference between my solution and the given solution for the exercise
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                      Karinja Level 1
                      ok, I allready found the solution myself. Apparently, we have to use assets/conference.jpg as path, and not assets\conference.jpg as in the solution. No idea what exactly the difference is, but it works this way.
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                        Hi Ryan,


                        You seem to have a pretty good grasp of this lesson.


                        Hopefully someone out there can help me with my issue. This is likely an issue with my PC, rather than Flex or Tomcat.


                        I'm really a rookie when it comes to web development, so this may be a very basic problem.


                        I start up the service for Tomcat and can get to the webpage referred to in "RUNNING.txt", which is simply a barebones HTML file.


                        However, everytime I try to go to the LCDS start/sample page or run the AdobeODT application, I get banal "Internet Explorer cannot display this webpage" error.


                        I cannot proceed on Exercise 9 because of this error and I really don't know how best to troubleshoot this problem!


                        I hope someone has some solid troubleshooting ideas for me, please!!


                        Thanks much,