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    adobe professional 8 Professional cannot be launched at this time (Windows)

    southdaytona Level 1

      Out of the blue i started getting the message, "Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional cannot be launched at this time.  You must launch at least one other suite component (such as Adobe Photoshop) before launching Acrobat 8 Professional"  I have seen a lot of fixes for Mac os but can't find any solution for windows.  The message appears as soon as i highlight a file, i.e. just click once on it, the message will pop up. I've tried to repair the installation but still no luck.  running 8.3.1 other than this recent issue this older version works fine for me.  anyone on the windows side find a solution to this problem?


      (i know this is not a reader problem, but i couldn't find the Adobe Acrobat Community.