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    Acrobat Pro (Mac) doesn't open

    PatrickLeponge Level 1

      Hi everyone from the Cannes Film Festival... (a camping close to it)


      I think it's the 11th or 12th festival for me. I'm a movie director (short movies) in Paris... This afternoon I wanted to send a version of my last script to a new technician I met yesterday,  and to a Foundation (we never know, I'm fed up producing always alone). But Adobe Pro doesn't open. I'm so tired than I cried and of course it hasn't solved the problem.


      I didn't change my OS Version (10.12.3) with my MacBook Air (2013) and yesterday Adobe Acrobat Pro was fine ! Why does it happen today? But I imagine no day is a good day for this.


      It's written (in French): "Vérifiez auprès du développeur que Adobe Acrobat fonctionne avec cette version de macOS. Il se peut que vous soyez amené à réinstaller l’application. Assurez-vous de bien installer toutes les mises à jour disponibles pour l’application et pour macOS."


      It means "check your OS version is good for Acrobat pro" but why this change today ? I've bought it a couple of years ago and I've not changed the OS version...


      If someone is ready to help "independent cinema" in Cannes... A place where you always feel you are not in the good place at the good moment except when you meet friends or making new friends from other countries...


      All the best,


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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          Does this error message show up when you try to access a PDF file in a web browser, or when you try to load it from a folder on your computer?


          Which version of Acrobat do you have installed? You can find out by going into your "Applications" folder (Shift-Cmd-A in Finder). Now look for a folder that starts with "Adobe Acrobat" - it should be followed by a version number. What is this number?


          Also, can you start Acrobat from the Applications folder? Go into the Adobe Acrobat folder you just found and double-click on the Adobe Acrobat Pro item you find in that folder. Does that give you the same error message?

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            PatrickLeponge Level 1

            Dear Karl Heinz,

               thanks a lot for the answer ! I come back in my bungalow and I feel so sleepy... I answer with short words:


            1) folder in computer (I don't work with another kind of pdf)

            2) Adobat Acrobat 2015 (I've worked with it since 2017)

            3) I can't start from the Adobe Acrobat Pro in the folder (same error message)


              I hope it may help you for a "diagnostic"...


              All the best,


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              PatrickLeponge Level 1

              Hi from my camping close to Cannes,

                 here it's the morning...


                 I've just bought a "Wifi code" in order to uninstall and install Adobe Acrobat Pro. We never know... And I want to cry... No... I cry. I did in a such way the "Adobe Acrobat Pro" vanished in my Adobe Creative Cloud...


                 So there is only a suggestion: buying again...


                 In my heart, I imagine there will be someone somewhere who knows I am not buying a third time this (I bought it twice because when I changed my computer in 2013)


                 When I go to "products" I find it (Adobe Acrobat Pro version 12) but no link for install it again... Or, I imagine there is a link but I don't understand.


                 I'm very sad but it's because I wanted to solve "quickly" the problem and I feel I made worse...


                  All the best,


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                PatrickLeponge Level 1

                NB after I wrote the message I saw in my Adobe Cloud"Acrobat 1%". It means "something is possible", I do as it I buy it again and perhaps after I'll write my serial number. Sorry for the lack of hope.


                Nevertheless, after 20 min only 1%, I understand the 5€ for the "Wifi one day" in the camping was not a good idea, it doesn't work enough and it will be impossible to send from the festival what I wanted in pdf. And it's not so bad, perhaps, I'll do better differently Sunday in Paris...

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                  try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  You don't need Acrobat to send a file. Just attach it to an email and send it!

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                    PatrickLeponge Level 1

                    Dear Try67,

                      thanks for the answer but it's not just a question of sending a file. It is a short movie script with other elements (jpg, other pdf) together and I have to change them before sending it to new people.


                      All the best,


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                      try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                      Then you need to find a place with proper internet connection, download and install Acrobat. A camping wifi probably won't do.

                      And there's absolutely no need to buy it multiple times.

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                        PatrickLeponge Level 1

                        Thanks Try67,


                            for the new answer. I decided not to go to festival this morning and wait... I'm at 24% but I'm sure it's not linear because when yesterday I tried to put my Acrobat "à jour" in French, it means "with the last version" in order to repair it, the end was before 50 %...


                            And now I'm sure also that, with my serial number, I'll be able to work without buying again, because the contrary would be absurd. My problem is just that I work in absurd cinema, I enjoy absurd situations but at the end, I'm afraid with life every day...


                            Thanks for the help,


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                          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                          You need to make sure you're getting the correct installer. If you have a serial number then you need to get the installer of the "Classic" version, not the "Continuous" version, which is what the Adobe Creative Cloud will install...

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                            PatrickLeponge Level 1

                            Thanks Try67,

                            I read you just after I succeeded downloading more than 1 Go file but, when I tried, Adobe told me what you said: it was not the good link... "Try another for your serial number".


                              It's funny because I cry again (the festival puts you in a nervous mood) because I have no time for trying again. But I'm not really sad because I understand how to make it another time. I'm just angry against myself I cry for nothing...


                              All the best and thanks for your help,


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                              Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

                              Take a deep breath. And another one... When we are dealing with problems that we cannot resolve easily, it's very easy to panic and do things that are not necessary - or expensive - and will not get us any closer to the solution.


                              As try67 suggested, you need a good WiFi connection to download any of the CS applications, they are all big and take a long time to download on a slow and unreliable connection. It may be best to just put this one task (sending the script) on hold until you are back in your office, or in an area with reliable high speed internet. This will let you take your mind off this problem and you might be able to enjoy the festival a bit more.


                              Don't buy the application again, this will not help you get it going any faster.


                              Here is some information that will be useful once you are back on reliable internet:


                              As try67 also pointed out, there are two models for users of Adobe applications: You can have a subscription (which you will have if you have a recent version of Creative Cloud). CS comes with Adobe Acrobat Pro. If you have a current CS subscription, you will have access to the latest version of Acrobat Pro DC. You do not have to download Acrobat as part of your CS subscription, you can download Acrobat on it's own and then just log in with your Adobe ID. Here is your download link for the subscription version:


                              Download and install Acrobat DC subscription on a computer


                              If you do have a non-subscription version, you would download from here:


                              Download Pro or Standard versions of Acrobat DC | Non-subscription


                              If you cannot fix your problems by re-installing Acrobat, you may have to wipe your computer of all Adobe CS applications using the Adobe CS Cleaner:  Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems


                              There is also an Acrobat Cleaner - but you can only use this if you do not have any CS applications installed:

                              Download Adobe Reader and Acrobat Cleaner Tool - Adobe Labs 


                              With the subscription version, you do not have a serial number - your Adobe ID is all you need. To get to the point where you can enter your Adobe ID, you select that you want to install the Trial/Subscription version of Acrobat in the installer. If you have both a CS subscription and a perpetual license of Acrobat, do not install the perpetual (serial number) version, you have access to a better version (because it will get updated every quarter with new features) as part of your subscription.

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                                PatrickLeponge Level 1

                                Thanks a lot (and a lot) Karl Heinz,


                                   when I'm in Paris, I'm with a very good connection (by mistake, one year ago I bought the most expensive with Orange because the seller told me he was from the same place as my parents and I forgot to look what I signed when I signed...). So it's the best solution.


                                   And for the office in Paris where I wanted to send my script, it's the same, now it's Friday evening, so...


                                   Sunday, I'm going to read slowly and many times your message so I'll do the best possible. But I precise yet, I pay 12€ per month for Adobe Creative for photo and I paid one year ago for Adobe Acrobat Pro. It's funny, I understand that one year ago I was in Cannes, in a kind of panic, it's why I bought Adobe Pro and forgot I could use the one that existed in my previous computer...


                                   I feel like Sisyphe... But thanks to what you wrote I understand I have to give up for today and the rest of the days until I come back in Paris and I feel very better...


                                   Of course, I'll come back here in order to say how it was solved.


                                   I feel a lot of gratitude for your help and I try to be quieter (I felt so guilty with this feeling of panic),


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                                  PatrickLeponge Level 1

                                  Hi Karl Heinz & Try67,


                                      I arrived 10 minutes ago at home in Paris. With my "extra connection" , Adobe Acrobat Classic arrived in my computer, I put the serial number which is with my name in Adobe and it works...


                                      I think it was less than 10 minutes for that...


                                      And Friday, I tried from morning to evening and, above all I gave up the fight in the festival. There would have been so much to do...


                                      Sometimes I understand better why I don't succeed more quickly with cinema ! If someone is curious about short movies, I put here the link for the one who was broadcasted by Canal Plus/Ciné Plus four years ago. I produced it myself. Money from TV, 1000€,  was 5 or 7 times less than the cost... It's why, I always go to Cannes festival but in the camping...


                                  You are my lucky star (with English ST) on Vimeo (14 min, It was private but today, I decide not...). it's about an old man who meets the woman he loves 30 years ago but she has not aged... It's quite experimental...


                                     Thanks a lot,



                                  NB   Fortunately, no need of Adobe Cleaner ! Thanks Karl Heinz for the idea if it happens again...

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                                    try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                    I'll check it out! Thanks for the link and don't give up... The world needs people who dream and experiment.