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    Dehaze Might Impact Upright Tool (and Other Tools with Zooming) Performance?


      Hello Everyone,


      Yesterday I noticed that my upright tool in one of my photo became so unresponsive, that I couldn't move the guided lines properly (more than 5 seconds before it even moves when dragged).

      I tried different adjustments and different RAW files from Canon, Sony and Panasonic cameras: I am now pretty sure that it's the "Dehaze" making the performance so bad and things would get worse as I add more guidelines.

      Other tools with zooming (WB picker and Detail) would be affected as well.

      "Clarity" might have a slightly negative impact but not half as bad as dehazing.

      I am wondering whether it's something in the Camera RAW engine and affecting everyone.

      I tried the upright tool in Photoshop and it works fine when dehazing was applied.





      P.S. My Computer:

      Ryzen 1700 + 24G RAM + GTX 1050 Ti

      Both LR and LR Cache on an SSD