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    Various Adobe Acrobat Pro Errors

    kevwbutler Level 1

      Buyers in our procurement department use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2015 Classic as well as 2018 Continuous to open and edit PDFs. Many of them are reporting problems with Adobe Acrobat Pro. We have one gentleman in particular who is very affected for some reason and we're struggling to figure out why. We've scoured the web to find a solution for him , but sadly, we haven't been able to find a fix.


      He gets a lot of different errors with Adobe Acrobat, here are the known variations:

      1. There is a problem with Adobe Acrobat/Reader. If it is running, please exit and try again. (10:10).
      2. Out of Memory
      3. A drawing error occurred.
      4. An error occurred while sending mail.


      Our troubleshooting so far has consisted of:

      1. Try again.
      2. Reboot his PC.
      3. Ensuring that no other adobe acrobat/reader product is installed on the same PC.
      4. Repairing his Adobe Acrobat Pro installation.
      5. Uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe Acrobat Pro.
      6. Uninstalling Adobe Acrobat Pro, running all available cleaners from Adobe, rebooting PC, reinstalling Adobe Acrobat Pro, rebooting PC.
      7. Applying the latest available update for his version of Adobe Acrobat Pro.
      8. Re-imaging his PC.
      9. Applying Windows Updates.
      10. Updating the Windows virtual memory settings (turn off automatic management, manually assign larger numbers).
      11. Getting a brand new PC with 16GB of RAM.
      12. Applying various Adobe preferences changes found on the web.


      At this point, I am thinking maybe we need to find a different PDF editing program (if that even exists), but we simply cannot go without Adobe Pro because he needs to be able to edit PDFs to do his job. Does anyone have any suggestions about what to try next? He gets them daily, multiple times a day even, when just trying to open/view scanned image PDFs. There is nothing out of the ordinary that I can see about the PDFs he's trying to open. I can open them fine on a free version of Adobe Reader.

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          edwinbuza Level 1

          We see this error with some of our users but not as a widespread issue. Currently we are investigating if it has to do with the source of the PDF files (from a PDF printer or other 3rd party software) that may follow the PDF standard at a different level of strictness than Adobe.


          Currently on 2018.11.20035, I will try and get 2018.11.20040 installed on our "problem-machine" to see if it fixes/changes things.


          It would indeed be nice to get some feedback from Adobe on this issue, I see another question unanswered dating back to january 2018.

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            edwinbuza Level 1

            trying 2018.11.20055 now to see if things have improved.