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    Please, help me save my dads corrupt raw files


      Hello all!


      My dad took a few photos (with his Canon Mark IV) of his mother and family members but after a bunch of photos his camera suddenly stopped displaying the photos on the display. He got home and tried to import the files but they didn't want to import to Lightroom and when I tried to open them Photoshop they still didn't work (also imported them with a card reader, still no luck). He knows all about formatting the cards and so on, but for some reason he probably forgot and the corrupted files happened anyways. The files are still large in size so it just feels like some kind of information must be stored in there...


      What do you think? Is there a way to save at least some information in the files? I read somewhere about preview JPGs and so on. It was a very nice get together of people who very rarely see each other.


      Would really appreciate your help.