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    Audio Cuts Out At The End Of Clip


      Alright, i am a little pissed. I edit videos for youtube. i record gameplay on my ps4 and edit on Premiere Pro CC. nearly every clip, ill export it just fine, then ill be editing and bam, video freezes or a red or black screen appears and freezes the source window. after playing through it, the video comes back but theres no audio. the first time this happened i thought all of the clips had been corrupted and i deleted them. this time i played the clips back in quicktime and windows movie and tv and the effected area is perfectly fine. the audio sounds better than in premiere as well. soim tired of this, there doesnt seem to be any solution other than converting al of those hours of content into another file type to edit. im on a hp pavilion core i7 7th gen windows 10. currently downloading davinci resolve to see if it works. if it does and i dont get help with this, i may end up using resolve for the time being and ending my subscription to adobe. any help is appreciated.