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    Adobe Media Encoder CC ignoring LUTs on export after recent update (12.1.1 - April 2018)

    COFilms Level 1

      Hi Everyone


      I finally got round to updating to the latest version of both Premiere Pro CC and AME CC recently and I've gone to export my first project from PP and then encode for the web in AME.  Exported to ProRes Master directly in PP and then took that ProRes Master into AME to encode for the web. I used the H265 (HEVC) option just to give it a try and it seems to be ignoring the LUT.


      Find this odd as it's encoding from a baked in video file not directly from PP itself.


      Just so we are aware, I have all my LUTS in the right folders in PP and AME.


      Anyone else experiencing this?  I'm going to try H264 next and see if the problem is due to the H265 codec.


      Very frustrating.


      Any help welcome.