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    Problems with a swf refusing to load XML data

      Just a little help request for a problem that I'm not sure if it originates within Flash or with Dreamweaver's code.

      I have a swf that needs to load data from an XML file. This swf works fine when I test it on its own, loading the XML data, and displaying everything properly. It also works fine if I navigate to it directly (that is, typing the whole path to the swf into a browser - the swf opens on its own, loads the XML data, and works). However, when I put it into either my testing server (Windows Apache 2.2 with PHP 5 enabled), or on the web server (same, but Linux), and try to load the file from its place embedded in the web page, it doesn't work.

      Unfortunately, I'm not all that experienced at coding HTML, so I do not know if the problem is that I'm using the code that Dreamweaver CS3 places when I choose to embed a Flash object rather than the code that Flash CS3 puts out when I click to publish (yes, I'm using CS3 with AS2). Could it even be a PHP configuration issue that doesn't let the swf file load the XML due to some security setting? I have not touched the PHP.ini settings (yup, I'm a PHP newbie).

      Any help would be very well appreciated.
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          Noelbaland Level 1

          You should really be looking at the html file that gets published with your Flash movie - not the swf. The html file is the true window into published Flash movies as it's what all servers look for.

          So try looking at your Flash movie thru the html file - not the swf.

          Also, if possible, avoid using Dreamweaver to publish pages with Flash objects in them. Dreamweaver writes a whole bunch of extraneous code that's really not needed. Use the html page that gets published with your swf file from Flash.