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    loadVariables, works in DE, doesnt work when published

      Hi guys,

      I need some help with a Flash App I've made, it uses loadVariables to load in values from an ASP.net page, it works fine in the development environment, but when I publish the App as a swf file it doesnt work.

      My code is this

      loadString = " http://www.mySite/myPage.aspx?functionId=getQuestions" + "&rand=" + randomNumber;
      aspxInterface.onLoad = processQuestions

      the processQuestions function then assigns the returned fields into flash variables.

      I know that the link stored in loadString is correct as I can go to the webpage and see the variables on there. And I know my code is right as it works every times when I test the movie in the development environment.
      Does anyone know if there could be anything that changes between developing and publishing that I am not considering? Or anything else which might help?