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    Can't reposition/resize in Premiere when i double click the program monitor

    brodieh12753223 Level 1

      Hey you guys!


      I can't drag/resize a clip in my program monitor when I double click it, which used to always work. I was thinking maybe there's a new button I've not heard of or something? The only time double clicking the program monitor to reposition a clip actually works is when I double click (on the program monitor) the shot I want to reposition and then scroll over to another clip, double click it (on the program monitor), then come back to the clip I actually want to reposition and double click it (on the program monitor). I've reinstalled premiere a bunch of times and I've also switched back and forth from using "mercury playback engine gpu acceleration (cuda)" to "mercury playback engine software only" under my project settings and the issue persists no matter what.


      It's been a while I've had this problem and I can't stand it anymore so I thought I'd just ask all my fellow editors out there.


      Thanks so much, have an awesome day!