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    Multi-language Help in a multi-language web app


      I had posted this on the RH HTML forum but removed that and posted here for a wider audience...

      ***Please note: this question is not specific to RH but is applicable now that RH 7 is unicode enabled. If you have experience that does not relate to RH, please share anyway! ***

      Once I have developed WebHelp (for example) in multiple languages, how do I connect the help files to the web application that the help is about? How does the correct language output get displayed? For example, the application (that the help documents) changes its interface based on browser language. Can the appropriate help content be displayed based on browser language? How is multi-language help generally implemented for an end user?

      And, equally important, how does context-sensitive help (mapping) work with multiple languages?

      I have never been involved in a multi-language development effort and so I have no experience to relate this to. Any guidance will be greatly (and gratefully ) appreciated!