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    flash player stuttering

    excelcius Level 1
      Hi everyone

      I’ve got a problem with a game I’m developing when I test the game the player seems to stutter at certain points I’m using Flash CS3 with flash player 9. actionscript 2.0
      The problem is obviously more prevalent when played back in the browser but its still in evidence when run through flash itself to a lesser degree. when I scroll a image on screen the movement seems to freeze for a split second when its halfway on screen.

      The problem even occurs when there’s not much going on, on screen. With my logo screen for example once my logo appears the only movement on screen is the dot on the (i) which is a 20*20 png image rising and falling, this movement is controlled by actionscript in an onenterframe when I scroll over a simple and small button on the logo screen the stutter reappears.

      Is this a problem with flash player 9 under Vista or is there a project setting I’m missing. I never had any problems with Flash 8 under XP so I don’t think its my code technique although I’m not sure? and my game runs smoothly on a friends slower XP laptop.

      Any help and advice greatly appreciated its driving me nuts I cant smooth out the control and gameplay until I resolve the problem
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          Shandy Elliott Level 1
          Can you provide an example? Do you have more than one onEnterFrame running at a time? It's hard to help without actually seeing what's going on.
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            excelcius Level 1
            Hi thanks for replying much appreciated

            Here’s a link to my game on my website
            My laptop is a 1.9ghz HP laptop running windows vista with 2gig of ram Flash player version 9,0,124,0
            Id be interested to hear if you have any issues with playback speed on your computer.

            Im only using one onenterframe here’s a snippet from the logo screen all the code is in the first frame of the main timeline.
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              excelcius Level 1
              sorry this code is also on the first frame of the main timeline


              also this code is attatched to the language button

              function onRollOver()
              {if(_parent.L_MODE == _parent.L_READY)
              {_y = 310;

              function onRollOut()
              {if(_parent.L_MODE == _parent.L_READY)
              {_y = 315;}}

              function onPress()
              {if(_parent.L_MODE == _parent.L_READY)
              {_parent.langselect.start(); }}

              function onReleaseOutside()
              {if(_parent.L_MODE == _parent.L_READY)
              {_y = 315;}}

              function onRelease()
              {if(_parent.L_MODE == _parent.L_READY)
              {_parent.lang = _currentframe;
              _parent.L_MODE = _parent.L_SLIDEOFF;
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                Shandy Elliott Level 1
                Nice graphics. I played the game for a while at all three levels, and the only thing I noticed was the bubbles jumped once, and it was a very little jump. Other than that, as long as the animation played, I didn't notice anything distracting like you mentioned. What browser are you using? Have you asked others (not counting your friend with the laptop) to test the website? Find out what browsers they are on. Doing all this testing outside of your computer can help you troubleshoot better. It could be on your side only.
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                  excelcius Level 1
                  I’m glad you like it :) I’ve tested it on several of my friends pc's and no problems, apart from one but that was a very old laptop, and it was general slow down not the jumping I’ve experienced.

                  I’m using IE7 but the problem even occurs when I test from within Flash, control, testmovie. although to a slightly lesser extent.
                  is there anyway to speed up flash maybe allocate more memory to the program or something like that, which might cure the problem?

                  Im currently doing a overhaul of the game adding mouse control ect and its proving difficult to smooth out the controls with the problem I have

                  Thanks again
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                    Shandy Elliott Level 1
                    If no one else is experiencing the same problem, it has to be on your computer. Watch your cpu usage when you run test the flash file. If your cpu pegs high while testing the flash file, maybe you have too many "checks and balances" running at the same time - meaning maybe you have redundant action script trying to execute the same thing at the same time. Maybe try creating a new flash document and copy/paste segments of your code and symbols to that document and see where (on your computer) the trouble begins. I'm afraid it's just going to be a matter of trial error to find out what your issue is since no one else experiences it.
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                      excelcius Level 1
                      My cpu usage never goes above 22% when I open the React swf I tried transferring just the logoscreen to a new blank project and the problems still there :(

                      I’m using cs3 web premium upgrade edition and studio 8 is still on my system I just tried uninstalling flash 8 but now my FLA icons have been replaced by blank ones and the file associations for fla's and swf's have disappeared. and it hasn’t made any difference to the problem.

                      I did notice on my travels that the flash 8 video encoder is still in the macromedia folder I don’t suppose that could have anything to do with it ???
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                        Shandy Elliott Level 1
                        I know when you install CS3, you MUST have any other version of CS uninstalled (especially when it comes to the Adobe Suite of programs). I don't think this is the case for versions lower than CS1, but I think it's a good idea to uninstall everything below any of the CS Suites. I mean, you are talking 3+ versions back, so no need (and no advantage) of having Flash (or Studio) 8 on your computer. I doubt that has anything to do with this issue, but you never know. So, you transferred your logo to a new document and still had the jitters? I don't know how comfortable you may feel about sharing a fla file, but maybe I could look at it to see if it does it on my machine and/or if I see any code that could be causing this. If not, you can still comment out certain parts of the code at a time.
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                          excelcius Level 1
                          Thanks for the offer to have a look at my fla much appreciated but like you say, its more than likely a problem isolated to my computer, either something to do with vista or some kind of conflict with the software HP has seen fit to stick on it :(.

                          Studio 8 is Flash 8 so its only one version back but I was unsure as to whether you had to have the previous version installed or you could just install CS3 and stick in the old product code, so next time I give my PC a spring clean I'll just install CS3 on its own, it will certainly eliminate any potential conflicts.

                          Thanks for all your time and help I very much appreciate it :)