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    Premiere Pro CC - May 18 - Preview display Freezes - latest Mac OS

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      I have a healthy and powerful enough computer to handle the video I'm working with, but premiere pro is not working correctly, freezes up two minutes into editing on the timeline - begins moving like a sloth. I am using no effects, imported basic video files and basic audio files, nothing special.


      The preview window freezes and there is no way to work - eventually everything gets so slow there is absolutely nothing I can do but quit the program. I am using the default project settings that happen when you import 4k video to a new session, absolutely no changes to it and this has always worked in the past.

      This session is a very small session compared to other sessions that have run perfectly, so something must be up.


      Who else is having this problem? What is the solution?

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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          For some, 2018 seems to take more resources than 2017. Especially with some of the long-GOP media, the 4k H.264 stuff from drones, DSLRs, and M4/3 cams. For others, like me, it's working quite nicely.


          So some details about your computer ... OS/CPU/RAM/GPU, the number and type of drives used and their connections to the motherboard (internal, USB3, thunderbolt ... what?).


          What specific media are you using, made by what ... device: camera, phone, screen-capture, what?


          With more data those of us around here can try & trouble-shoot & advise.



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            computer -

            iMac (27-inch, Mid 2011)

            processor 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7

            memory 32 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

            Startup disk -

            OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G

            (connected via internal SATA)

            Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024 MB


            video types:

            Lumix G7 - H.264, AAC, 3840 x 2160, 2 audio chanels

            iPhone - H.264, AAC, 2160 x 3840, Timed Metadata, 1 audio channel


            What happens: open a new session and pulled videos in the order I was going to edit on the timeline, first I pulled the lumix video to the timeline, then the iphone videos. Just did basic video editing, cut, delete, move clip over, until eventually I get to one of the videos and cut and delete and move over and then mid way through the clip the freezing of the session starts, I look at my memory usage and it starts to sink like water down a drain. So I started a new session and edited cuts for about 2 mins of video and the same video AGAIN, around the same place in the clip, Premiere pro freezes.

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              O.S. - 10.13.4 (17E202)

              -Priemiere Pro is on latest version

              -The drive with the streaming media is the 1TB SSD connected via SATA and I have plenty of free room (500gbs free)

              -I do have a number of drives connected (8-10) to one of my thunderbolt ports, but none of them are working with media connected to Priemire Pro projects.


              I really believe this is one little thing, not my computer/setup, but a little thing to do with the function of the program, but if you think it is something else from this info I am all ears,


              Thank you

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                edited in screen flow, it was rough but did not crash, exported in 1080p and then edited some more in a new session in Premiere Pro and exported upres back to 4k, not sure what went wrong it has never happened before and I was using a tested workflow that never had problems, I am wondering if it had something to do with the video clip itself that the program did not like and it made it freak out? I feel like it was that or the program has a very annoying bug, or maybe something with my setup that you can shed light on. Looking at my graphics processor is that pretty good? Or no? When I purchased the computer I was going more for solid cpu and ram and I assumed the graphics processor was decent enough for general editing esp. since I purchased from macsales I figured it must be at least acceptable.


                Actually was under the impression my graphics processor was pretty good, but to be honest I have not researched graphics processors much and it was just an assumption I made when I purchased it because everything else spec wise was solid.

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