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    CF8 caching web service username/password

      Hello All.

      I have an internal web service I need to consume that requires a different username and password for each user.

      When I createObject("webservice","wdls goes here") it is created and I can see it with CFAdmin with the username and password of the first user's credentials.

      When I try to call the web service again with a second user's credentials I get the following message returned:

      Message Unable to read WSDL from URL: http://xxx.yyy.com:18889/xxxxservices/SecurityService?WSDL.
      Detail Error: 401 Unauthorized.

      If I delete the service from CFAdmin and run the request again, it will recreate the web service and use the second user's credentials. Then I can't call it using the first user's credentials

      How are others addressing this problem?