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    Flex Builder not Building My Project

      I have created my flex project and it was compiling find however it has not stopped. I can't get any new changes to compile. I have Cleaned the project and had it build it again automatically but it only "cleaned" the project (deleted all the files in the debug folder) but did not rebuild them. I turned Build Automatically on and made some changes and saved and it still would not build. I tried Build Project and Build All from the Project menu and that did not work either. So I essentially have a couple of mxml files in Flex Builder that I can't do anything with because the won't build. Can anyone please help!


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          sharonma Level 1
          Hi Jason,

          You could try the following:
          1. Outside FB, copy your flex project to somewhere else (as a backup).
          2. In FB, delete the flex project.
          3. File-> Import-> Flex Builder-> Flex Project to import your flex project.

          If that doesn't work, you can also try switching to a new workspace and import the flex project.

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            riesvantwisk Level 1
            Under project turn off 'Build Automaticly'.
            Then use 'Build Project' to build your project whenever you click that item. That is a workaround...

            To be honest... after some time automated build started to work again :) Bit sure what the exeact cauze is...

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              jasonpresley Level 1
              I found that it was not building at all because of an error in my code. Now at various times when I run that application it will build some of the items but it opens my browser and says that it can't find the html file that it was supposed to have created? I seem to be having problems if I clean my project. I thought that was just to delete the old files from the debug folder so that FB could create new ones. Is this not the case. Why is FB not creating my files?


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                levancho Level 3
                if you see a red error in your "problems" tab inside flexbuilder, your project most likely will not be built fully, or correctly, in that case running that project does not makes sense at all, you need to make sure "problems" tab is clear of errors (you might see warnings, but they are not very harmful) .if ther is no errors, hitting ctrl+B builds the project and choosing Project --> Clean ... clears output folder and rebuilds the project P.S Unless you uncheck checkbox that says "automatically build project after clean".

                IMHO, turn off Auto Build and manualy build the project that will take care of most issues, plus use (project --> clean) when you need to make sure you have latest build .

                Kind Regards