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    Problem with Window component

      Hope someone can help.
      The problem I have is that I want to use the window component to display a second swf called from a first one (see attached code). The problem is that on the resulting window the second swf is not displayed as it should I only get a line !!!
      The second swf has a darkgray background, a symbol (which is only a box), a couple of dynamic text fields and that's all.
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          lmvalenzuela Level 1
          Thanks to everyone who read this post. Finally I found a way to solve my problem. The loaded swf had a dark gray background and all the graphics and text were white. It seems that when flash loaded the second swf on the window component it changed the background to white. So to solve this what I did, was to insert a new layer below the one with the content, draw a dark gray rectangle with the dimentiosns of the swf.
          Hope this will help someone with the same problem.