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    Multiple/Alternate EYE SETS???


      I'm new to CHARACTER ANIMATOR and I must confess I've only done two puppets but there weren't terribly complicated. This most recent puppet isn't terribly complicated but I want the EYES to have a broad range of comedic emotion.


      Is it possible to have a default eye shape and then alternate eye shapes.




      I want the character to have a default eye shape that is depressed. Then his eye shape will shift to:
                                                        - Extreme Happiness Shape

                                                        - Extreme Worry Shape

                                                        - Extreme Anger Shape
      All still possessing independent "BLINKS" to correspond to their shapes, Independent eyebrows and independent PUPILS (or using the default pupils only in the new eye shape).


      I have an idea how to do this and am currently building but I was wondering if the community has come across a similar design build and could point me in the right direction for rigging and folder structures?


      Thank you!