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    'Streaming' .swf banners and promotional ad's

      Dear all

      I'm going to apologise in advance for clearly showing our poor knowledge of Flash from a technical perspective, so here goes...

      We are designing a lot of banners, rectangles and promotional ad's for client sites. These are not placed externallly to our clients sites, but appear on areas within their own sites such as the home page and other key screens.

      Increasingly, as well as using 'traditional' Flash elements in animation we are using a bit of video, some audio etc. all integrated into the banner with other Flash animated elements, as opposed to running just pure FLV video. Currently, we are using preloaders to load all the content into the users cache before the animation plays. Because they are banners, we are not using typical FLV player controllers and they are generally .swf's not .flv's.

      Is there a way we can 'stream' .swf's so that the animations don't have to download fully before they play?

      We are thinking about server side streaming so that the animation does not stop and start, such as if it were progressively downloaded instead of streamed.

      Obviously, we have seen a lot of Flash Comms Server providers who offer streaming of FLV's but wondered if we could also stream .swf's and how this may be done? Can a Flash Comms server solution which streams FLV's also stream .swf's?

      Any advice appreciated.