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    Syncing SOME of LR Classic ONLY

    Tape99 Level 1

      I continue to try and make sense of using LR Classic and LR CC together.  My biggest problem/concern is the syncing of photos.  I like using LR Classic due to the greater editing properties but more so, the cataloging.  I have my own way to arrange and catalog my 25,000 pics.  The 20 GB I get from Adobe Creative Cloud is not enough.  To make use of that space, however, I did upload a bunch of folders with pics from many years ago but still leaving me with 7 GB of space.  So this is what Happened today.  I took a photo of my granddaughter and edited it in PS and then made sure it was imported into my LR Classic.  Then using the editing tools + presets, I made a few virtual copies displaying the various results.  I then put all I made (+ a few additional photos) into a collection and indicated I wished them to be synced with LR CC.  The little 2 sided arrow shows as if it were syncing, but nothing shows in LR CC or or my mobile devices.  I do have have SYNC with LR CC checked under my name to the top of LR Classic, as this seems to want to sync all 25,000 pics I have in my LR catalog.  When I open LR CC on my desktop, all I see is Syncing 1 Photo - but that shows every time of open the app.  Is there something I am missing or does Adobe just not want any collusion between the 2 apps (I won't even get into working with Apple Photos)