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    Cannot open audio clips by double-click


      Just earlier today, the double click function in my clip panel failed. I don't know if its is the source monitor or the clip panel, but when I double click on an audio clip (with no video track), it shows a total black screen on my second monitor through Mercury transmit, but the audio clip does not  show up on the source monitor.


      The only way I can open an audio clip in the source monitor is by dragging, or right-click on the clip and select "open in source monitor; Both too complicated for a fast workflow.

      Disabled the second monitor and Mercury transmit, the problem's still there.


      And there leads to another problem; I cannot right-click on a selected audio clip unless I deselect it in the first place.


      And that's not the end of it. There is a constant fast-ticking noise, like a statistic noise, but only when I playback an audio or video wherever it's in a sequence or source monitor. No such noise any other software.


      [Windows 10 64bit]