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    General description of Menu Builder

      Where can I find a general description of menu builder, what it does and how to use it? I find all the details of how to create one in Help but I want to know the basics of what it is and what I can expect from it.
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          Hi CareFactsME and welcome to our community

          Here is MenuBuilder in a nutshell. Basically it's like a way way way simple way to create a front end menu that might be used to present a handfull of Captivate movies. Think of MenuBuilder as you would Captivate. But with no ability to record. You only create single slide projects with Click Boxes, Images and Text. The whole idea is to present a single page that calls other movies. A "Menu" page.

          Does that help better explain it?

          Cheers... Rick
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            CareFactsME Level 1
            I guess I knew that, but when I create one I don't find it usable. Do you have to publish all the movies before creating the menu? When you put together about 10 movies with a menu, is it one file? When a customer downloads the group of movies with a menu is it one download? I can't find anything that shows me what to expect.