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    System Requirements

    dearbhla.02 Level 1

      Hi, I apologize if this is the wrong way to get help but I had a question on Adobe Illustrator and your website made it extremely diffucult to find an option inncluding that system.


      I desperately need Adobe Illustrator for my high school graphic design 1 class. We use the software at school but I'm very behind and wanted to work at home. I have a 27-inch, late 2013, iMac. It wont let me download : "This computer does not meet the minimum system requirements for Illustrator CC. Please refer to the system requirements in the Help documentation for a full list of hardware and software requirements for Illustrator CC."


      Yes, I did check the system requirements and copied them to my notes but I have no clue how to resolve the issue. Does anyone know where I can find which requirements I'm not meeting and how to solve the requirements I'm not currently meeting?


      Thank you,