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    Re-post:  Need Adobe or CF Guru Help!

      Anyone with knowledge of this problem please reply - thanks!

      On a version 7.02 server I have a process where:

      1. We run page1 which populates a table with X records
      2. page1 also creates a scheduled task to run page2 to process those X records every Y minutes
      3. page1 cfincludes page2 at the end, to process the 1st batch of X records

      page2 deletes X records each time it runs (and inserts a record into a separate tracking table which I'm using only to debug & see exactly what's going on and so I can know when this code is run.)

      Then, as page2 runs as the scheduled task, when it has zero records left to process it deletes the scheduled task. Monitoring this process in CF Admin, the task is indeed getting created & deleted properly and everything seems to have worked fine.

      HOWEVER, as I monitor the tracking table, the deleted scheduled task, page2 is STILL running every Y minutes !!

      Anybody know what's giong on?

      Here's the code which creates the task (var urrl has ben set with path & file to run, the interval of 70 is just for testing):

      <cfschedule action="update"
      task="batch_email" operation="httprequest"
      startdate="01/01/08" starttime="12:00 AM"
      interval = "70">

      Here's the code code which deletes task:

      <cfschedule action="delete"
      operation="httprequest" >


      Evidently this WAS a bug in 6.1. Was it not fixed? Or, if it was, something broke again. Please, if anyone has any suggestions we could really use some help: From 2004 at: http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=tn_18361

      "When deleting scheduled tasks through the use of thecfschedule tag in Macromedia ColdFusion MX and MX 6.1, the tasks continue to run as previously scheduled even though they have been deleted.

      Configuration information for scheduled tasks is stored in thecf_root\lib\neo-cron.xml file. When deleting scheduled tasks through the use of the cfschedule tag, the neo-cron.xml file is not updated properly and the task continues to execute. This has been identified as Macromedia issue 48529. This behavior does not occur when deleting tasks through the ColdFusion Administrator."