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    Video play Black Screen?

    Rob Ainscough Level 2

      So after a few minutes of working with 4K MP4 files in a sequence and moving the playhead back and forth, my preview video screen goes black and I no longer see any playback ... I can hear audio, but no video preview playback.


      PP 2018

      OS: Win 10 1803

      GPU nVidia 1080ti

      CPU 8700K

      64GB RAM

      2 X 1TB Samsung EVO 960 SSD M.2s and 1 X 10TB Seagate HD


      Is Adobe every going to acknowledge they have a serious problem with PP 2018 and it's NOT getting any better with updates?



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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          As far as I know, 12.1.1 is the current release version.  You in a beta program?

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            Rob Ainscough Level 2

            No, I'm not in a Beta ... that version information comes from the PP exe, right click properties, details.  I'll double check the version number when I'm back (on the road right now) at my Adobe PC ... it's possible I made a typo, will let you know.


            But either way, the Black screen remains the issue here, not my version number.  After a few minutes of moving the playhead around in a sequence and PP 2018 will eventually stop playing back video and I just get a black screen in the Preview window.


            If I exit PP 2018 and return to my playback/edit point in my sequence then it works for about another 20 minutes and then eventually will be back to black preview screen.


            I'm working with 4K MP4 files ... the exact same files that were NOT a problem in PP 2017.  Like I've suggested in my other posts, I've gone thru every performance tuning option (which I never had to do with PP 2017) and even as far as wiping and re-installing my OS and PP 2018, problem still persists.  Again, NOT A PROBLEM IN PP 2017.   But, IS A PROBLEM IN PP 2018.  Sorry, but it's clearly a coding issue in PP 2018 or else why would PP 2017 NOT have any issues with performance on the exact same hardware and OS?


            I'm baffled at why Adobe are NOT addressing this?  There are thousands of threads with users report this type of problem that ONLY surfaces in PP 2018.  I'm a software engineer (30+ years) I know a problem when I see it ... and this is clearly a software engineering issue/bug.



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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              That is definitely a typo.

              Graphics card up to date?

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                Rob Ainscough Level 2

                It was late so very possible I just made a mistake ... it is the "latest" official release according to CC cloud app.


                Yes, GPU drivers are up to date 397.64 released 5/9/2018.



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                  paulg52534374 Level 1

                  I'm seeing the same issue and about to start troubleshooting. I'm editing files from the Sony FS7 (CineEI SLog3) mostly. Not sure it if happens with other CODECs on my system.

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                    Rob Ainscough Level 2

                    Let me know what you find out.  As you know, CC Cloud front end allows us to install PP 2017 ... which I've done and I'm not having any issues with the same files (MP4s) and no black screen.


                    To trigger the black screen in PP 2018 usually requires a fairly long video clip (1 hour in 4K) and most importantly to move the timeline marker forward and backward frequently via mouse click (i.e. at start, then end, then middle).  I work fairly rapidly and PP 2018 can't keep up.


                    The black preview screen can also sometimes presents itself as a flashing red screen rather than just black, other times the video preview is frozen and requires that I exit PP 2018, BUT, sometimes PP 2018 will not shutdown, it will appear to not be running but when I go into Task Manager I see it still running and consuming CPU time ... so I have to force PP 2018 to shutdown via "End Task".


                    PP 2018 also has other issues, for example when I change a clip's speed/duration and try to type in a value (like change 100% to 300%) I get strange series of numbers as soon as I attempt to type a value in over the 100%.


                    Another issue with PP 2018, when I create a new 2018 After Effects project and then come to import that project into PP 2018 I'm prompted with the composition dialog TWICE??  I select my composition, hit OK, then the composition screen comes up again and I have to select and hit Ok again?


                    Again, PP 2018 has so many problems it's hard for me to even consider it "released" software, feels very much like Beta software given the numerous and rather obvious bugs.  Going back to PP 2017 and I have none of these issues.  I don't know what Adobe have done with PP 2018 ... perhaps they tried to re-write the entire code base from scratch, I honestly don't know, but something very core to how PP works got broken going from 2017 to 2018.  If you look at some of the change list items ... my 8700K, 1080Ti meets this implementation sooooo:


                    "Premiere Pro supports hardware-accelerated H.264 encoding on Windows 10 with 6th Generation (or later) Intel® Core™ processors and Intel Graphics enabled, and hardware-accelerated H.264 and HEVC encoding"


                    Cheers, Rob

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                      lydrelunere@gmail.com Level 1

                      I'm having the same issue (black screen) while working with XAVC-S 4K files on PP 2018 running on a Mac Pro with moderate specs (2012 6-core model with 32 GB RAM & ATI HD 5770).


                      Files come from a Sony A7SII (4K XAVC-S @ 100 Mbps 25 ips). Absolutely no problem with PP 2017, Media encoder, VLC, FCP X, etc.


                      I have also made tests after cross-converting files to 4K ProRes (Proxy) and these proxies work fine. But not being able to edit in the XAVC-S codec directly seems quite anachronistic in 2018.

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                        rossg60996141 Level 1

                        Same issue here, black preview monitor and second monitor preview screen too. Audio stills plays and scrubs fine.

                        It's 4k footage from Sony FS5.  (4K XAVC-S 100 Mbps 25fps)


                        Restarting Premiere fixed it for a time in teh previous version but in the latest version it happens almost immediately so is not possible to edit with this bug!


                        Can't revert back to older version of Premiere as have saved the project which now no-longer opens in previosu versions of Premiere.


                        Mac Pro (Mid 2010)
                        OS Sierra 10.12.6 (16G1408)

                        3.46 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon

                        32 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

                        NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 4095 MB

                        With latest NVIDIA drivers up to date.

                        Currently running Premiere Pro12.1.0 Build 186


                        I think this is 1 version before latest release at time of writing 20/06/18. The latest release was instant black screen on any action.


                        Need this sorted asap! Premiere Pro CC

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                          lionelm32616960 Level 1

                          Go to edit>preferences>Media Cache... click on 'Delete Unused' and change the setting to automatically delete cache files older than x days down to a reasonable amount of days, depending on the amount of videos you edit in a day. (Mine is set to 2 days because i edit a lot of video)