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    Fireworks CS4 Working VERY SLOW after 20 minutes of work on it.

      Hi There,

      I seem to have a slight problem with Adobe Fireworks CS4 speed. The program runs smooth until I use the program for about 30 - 40 minutes. Usually I have around 5 - 8 windows opened. I am a NORMAL user, I use it for making simple graphics, web banners and graphics alike. I don't know why it's running SO SLOW, it just get's LAGGY, very LAGGY, then I have to reset the process. I just save my stuff and rerun fireworks.

      My Laptop's specs:
      Asus Mv70vm
      Windows Vista 32bit
      4 GB Ram
      Core 2 Duo T-9400
      Only windows processes and anti virus is running.. (Computer is completely clean from malware.)

      Any help would be deeply appreciated!