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      how do i change a input textfield into a dynamic textfield with actionscript. And vice versa
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          Damon Edwards Level 3
          you have to first create the text filed dynamically using createTextField, and use the type property to set to either "input" or "dynamic", however, I don't believe this can be changed on the fly.
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            gwklam Level 1
            On windows or mac, you know how to rename icons right?
            well, i have icons in my flash OS and i can right click with my custom menu and click on rename. Then, i would activate the text.selectable=true; and the user would rename that icon.

            Now when i finish renaming the icon,
            when i use text.selectable=false; it's unselectable, but still typable. thats why iwant to change the input textfield type to dynamic.

            You see what i am getting at?
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              Damon Edwards Level 3
              "in my flash OS"

              in your flash (operating system)? what? there is no such thing. There must be some other conflicting script. Take a look at this example, make some movie clip on stage and give it instance name of mc. paste this on the frame.. (just create a new doc for this test). At first, the test is selectable, click the movie clip, its not selectable, click it again, its selectable.
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                gwklam Level 1
                thanks for your help dzedward, but i just found out about text.type, which is really helpful and more professional i think. and about"my flash OS", check here: http://silentsleeper.com/SilentSleeperOS and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SilentSleeper_OS.. Its a web OS that runs on the users native Desktop(Windows or mac)
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                  Damon Edwards Level 3
                  "but i just found out about text.type"

                  Which is what I said in my first post.

                  " http://silentsleeper.com/SilentSleeperOS and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SilentSleeper_OS.."

                  Thats interesting. Why don't you just make your application in AS3 and use AIR. It'll be more widely accepted and used, not sure how many people will install an os to use your app. just thinking out loud.
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                    gwklam Level 1
                    well, i can use Actionscript 3, but it looks more confusing. And for adobe air, people will have to install the app to use it, and i'm afraid that may lower the amount of users.

                    How does my OS look by the way? does it looks better than windows and linux?